Area Commissioner Appointment Process

Within one week following an election or appointment:

The Department of Neighborhoods (DON) neighborhood liaison and area commission will complete the area commission appointment form. DON neighborhood liaison will then forward the completed packet to DON for processing. A completed appointment packet includes a finished DON appointment form signed by the area commission chairperson and a resume or bio submitted from the newly elected or appointed area commissioner.

Liaison will confirm receipt of required documents via email to all currently active area commissioners.

Upon receipt of the signed area commission appointment form and supporting documents, liaison will provide the area commission with a copy of the signed form for area commission records via email.

Within one week of receipt of the new commissioner appointment packet, DON will submit the information to the Mayor’s office for approval.

Per Columbus City Code Section 3109.12, the Mayor has thirty days to notify City Council of his recommended area commission appointments. This is done by submitting the appointee information into the Legistar system for placement on the Council Agenda. If this is not done within thirty days, the area commissioners are able to begin service. However, if this is done within thirty days, area commissioners cannot begin service until City Council votes on the appointments.

DON will notify the area commission via e-mail when the appointee information is submitted to Legistar, City of Columbus legislation approval system.

Upon Approval of City Council, DON notifies the appointed commissioner, via letter, that they have been approved by Council and that they will receive a letter from the Mayor confirming this appointment.