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Black Girl Rising, Inc. Event

When: Friday, May 5, 2023, 5pm – 7pm

Where: 1410 E. Cleveland Avenue, Clarence Lumpkin Point of Pride Center

Black Girl Rising, Inc. is excited to meet with girls from the Linden community to hear what they think are the critical issues affecting the mental and emotional health of Black girls in their neighborhoods. The girls will be encouraged to use their voices and experiences to share what they consider significant for changing their lives for the better.   With funding from the ADAMH Board of Franklin County, Black Girl Rising, Inc. is expanding their Black Girl Think Tank model across Columbus and has selected the Linden community to be a part of their expansion.  Black Girl Think Tanks are composed of girls who want to make their communities better for all girls.  It is a social justice project that will empower Black girls to use their voices for change.  Black Girl Rising, Inc. teaches girls to think more critically, use leadership skills for analysis and to build community with other girls to promote more education and awareness about the mental and emotional health of Black girls. Girls who are interested can join Fran Frazier and the Black Girl Rising team.