Citywide Area Commission Elections

Make a difference in our community
by running for Area Commissioner!

Area Commissioners are elected individuals who review new development projects in our neighborhood and serve as a voice for our community on important City issues. They are the bridge between neighborhood groups, city officials, and developers.

Area Commission Election Promo Video

Area Commissions Petition Packets Out May 15th! Submit by June 16th!

YOU can run for our community’s Area Commission!

  • Make a difference in our community
  • Advocate on behalf of our neighbors
  • Facilitate communication, understand, and cooperation between neighborhood groups, city officials, and developers

What you need to know

Can you run for Area Commissioner?

Candidate requirements to run for an Area Commissioner vary for each Area Commission. If you are interested in running and want to learn more, reach out to your Neighborhood Liaison for more information!

How do you run for Area Commissioner?

  1. Pick up your Candidate Petition Packet
  2. Canvass your Area for signatures and complete the Petition Packet
  3. Turn in your completed Candidate Petition Packets by June 16th

Make sure you do the following:

  • Meet the requirements to serve as an Area Commissioner
  • Obtain the required number of signatures
  • Complete the Candidate Petition Packet
  • Submit your Candidate Petition Packet by June 16th

How are Commissioners Elected?

Commissioners will be elected on August 26th. Learn more by contacting your Area Commission’s neighborhood liaison.

What will you do as an Area Commissioner?

  • Create plans and policies that serve as guidelines for future development of the area
  • Hold regular public meetings and public hearings on problems, issues, and proposals affecting the area
  • Review the capital improvement budget and propose new items and changes related to the area
  • Initiate, review, and recommend criteria and programs for the preservation, development, and enhancement of the commission area, including, but not limited to: parks, recreational areas, sidewalks, streets and traffic, and development projects
  • Request and receive reports on proposed changes in service to the area and recommend approval/disapproval of the changes
  • Advise on re-zonings, special permits, variances, demolitions, and zoning appeals

What happens if you’re elected to an Area Commission?

  • Serve from January 1st, 2024 through December 31st, 2026
  • Receive training from the Department of Neighborhoods
  • Attend meetings and advocate on behalf of your community!