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Map of Area Commission Boundaries

This area commission meets at Far East Neighborhood Pride Center, 2500 Park Crescent Drive

Become A Commissioner

Interested in becoming a commissioner? Instructions and materials for becoming a commissioner can be found on our webpage at http://www.FarEastAC.org/get-involved, under Become A Commissioner. You will need to make sure you have read and understand the Far East Area Commission Bylaws, Conduct Guidelines, and Communications Policy, and complete both the Commissioner Profile Form and Election Signature Form in their entirety before presenting them to the commission.

Key Details

Next Meeting Time
1st Tuesday of each month @ 6:45pm

Meeting Location
Far East Pride Center
2500 Park Crescent Drive

Neighborhood Liaison
Lynne Lacour

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  • Jennifer Chamberlain, Chair
    jchamberlain@fareastac.org, 614-307-4708
  • Summer Moynihan, Vice Chair
  • Gene Tyree, Secretary
  • Darrell Holmes, Treasurer/Far East Clergy
  • Larry Marshall, Zoning Committee Chair
  • Susan Johnson
  • Keith Dodley


Election Committee (Active July-September)

The Election Committee will work toward the end goal of providing the Commission and community with all necessary materials for the election. They will provide information to the public on nomination procedure, election procedure, election time and location contingent with the Commission’s bylaws.

Committee Members are:  

The 2022 Chairperson of the Election Committee is: Yet to be determined

Building and Zoning

The Building and Zoning Committee works with city officials receiving in all applications for new, rehabilitation and reuse of existing buildings. They prepare all paperwork for these applications for Commissioners to review and then vote on at Commission meetings.

Committee Members are: Larry Marshall, Darrell Holmes.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Building and Zoning Committee is:
Larry Marshall, LMarshall@FarEastAC.org


The Transportation committee looks at the impact an increasing population density has on our roads, sidewalks and freeways, and how they impact safety and commute within the FEAC boundaries; in addition to disparities within different neighborhoods as it relates to shared use paths, street lighting, and other transportation safety concerns.  Will work with the City of Columbus and Ohio Department of Transportation and commute safety oriented programs to address these concerns.

Committee Members are: Darrell Holmes, Larry Marshall.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Transportation Committee is:
Darrell Holmes, DHolmes@FarEastAC.org

Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Committee will work to undertake plans and projects that will enhance our neighborhoods, districts, and precincts. We will look at trends and patterns, trying to encourage growth and new business.

Committee Members are: Keith Dodley, Frankie Jones-Harris.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Planning and Development Committee is:
Keith Dodley, KDodley@FarEastAC.org

Communication, Outreach & Technology

The Communication and Outreach Committee will work to maintain our communication via webpage and facebook. They will develop strategies for working with businesses, community groups, and neighborhoods to promote the Area Commission and seek input on communities wants and needs.

Committee Members are: Summer Moynihan

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Communication & Outreach Committee is:
Summer Moynihan, SMoynihan@FarEastAC.org

Health and Wellness

Will work to build supporting partnerships with City of Columbus, statewide public health, and outside health and wellness programs, in an effort to bring health and wellness workshops directly to FEAC communities; look at our aging population and how we can connect them with social services within the FEAC boundaries; and assess the need for adequate healthcare services and health care facilities within the FEAC boundaries.

Committee Members are: Gene Tyree, Susan Johnson.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Transportation Committee is:
Gene Tyree, GTyree@FarEastAC.org

This commission has four districts.

Commission District Map [expand]
Commission District Boundaries [expand]

District I Boundaries:

North: City of Columbus City Limits
East: City of Columbus City Limits
South: City of Columbus City Limits
West: Center Line of Outerbelt Street

District III Boundaries:

North: Center Line of East Main Street
East: City of Columbus City Limits/Center
Line of Brice/Gender Rd
South: Center Line of the Conrail Railway
West: Center Line of the Big Walnut Creek

District II Boundaries:

North: City of Columbus City Limits
East: Center Line of Outerbelt St/City of
Columbus City Limits
South: Center Line of East Main Street
West: Center Line of the Big Walnut Creek

District IV Boundaries:

North: City of Columbus City Limits
East: City of Columbus City Limits
South: Center Line of the Conrail Railway
West: Center Line of Brice/Gender Rd

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