Established in 1797, Franklinton is the oldest settlement in Central Ohio. Rich in history, Franklinton has become a community of progress, innovation and exciting potential.

We are a neighborhood proudly celebrating the old and the new, side by side!

Map of Area Commission Boundaries

This area commission typically meets at the Mount Carmel Community Health Resource Center, Medical Office Building 2, at 777 W. State Street

Meeting Place
All meetings are currently virtual and can be watched live on Facebook.

Neighborhood Pride Center
West Side Neighborhood Pride Center
1186 West Broad Street

Neighborhood Liaison
Melissa Green

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Franklinton Nonprofit Collaborative Meeting 5-13-2021 See MoreSee Less

5 days ago
Franklinton Area Commission

May Franklinton Area Commission Meeting See MoreSee Less

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The issue was lots of garbage being left around the neighborhood and kids hanging out on private properties

miss pauline and melissa green 🔥❤️ #logicandreason also, how do you determine an exception to your “bylaws”?!! when you like someone?!? when someone buys millions of dollars worth of YOUR property?!? because they sit on the fac?!? if you’re creating a process/policy, EVERYONE should be held to those standards! policy and process isn’t to protect you all (when it benefits you to follow it or not). policy is to create fairness! i can see some real (unintentional) discrimination issues happening here…and i frankly feel a part of that discrimination. human note: brian you can disagree with someone/something but when you are angry, you don’t have a right to talk to people in an aggressive, hateful, condescending way. i have experienced first hand your hate and making huge negative accusations against people’s intentions terribly hurts people. you can have such a bigger impact in the conversation if you seek to understand someone/something else before making your own ego being understood!!! you are suppose to be one of our community leaders!! fac: let me ask you, what kind of committee culture are you fostering when you allow humans to speak to each other like this?! my experience with some of you has completely diminished my hope in the system for future good of the greater people and reinforced negative beliefs around using the system for power and control for individual self gain.

Is Franklinton high school going to offer out door open lunch like they did on Chicago Avenue ? if so that was a very big issue for neighbors on Chicago Avenue.

Find out what’s new in Franklinton. Join us for the next Area Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 11th at 6 PM here on Facebook! See MoreSee Less

Find out whats new in Franklinton. Join us for the next Area Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 11th at 6 PM here on Facebook!
2 weeks ago
Franklinton Area Commission

FAC Executive Committee Meeting See MoreSee Less

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That would be great to know what the different "official" positions are on the now out dated West Franklinton Plan.

We would love to fly a 3'x5' standard size flag on a pole at Magic House Farms.

Are the 7 borrows that are represented by sun rays on the area flag all named and do they identify as what the West Franklinton Develop Plan isolated them as?

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  • Jaqueline (Jackie) Miles, Chair
  • Zach Gwin, Vice-Chair
  • Katie Robinson, Secretary, Representative of Fortuity
  • Chris Knoppe, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
  • Nick Bankston, Representative of Gladden Community House
  • Judy Box
  • Jason Boylan
  • Rebecca Brown
  • Pauline Edwards
  • Josh Edwards, Representative of Mount Carmel
  • Brian Estabrook, Housing Committee Chair
  • Grace Hand
  • Austin Hill, Representative of The Refuge Ministries
  • Marty Johnson
  • Johnny Riddle, Representative of Franklinton Arts District
  • Renee McCallion
  • Steve Pullen, Election Committee Chair, Representative of Columbus Metropolitan Library Franklinton Branch
  • Jan Ruark, Representative of Lower Lights
  • Bruce Warner, Zoning Committee Chair


Election Committee

The Election Committee manages the Election rules and oversees the Election process

Committee Members are:  Jan Ruark, Jackie Miles, Grace Hand and Katie Robinson

The 2021 Chairperson of the Election Committee is Steve Pullen,

Zoning Committee

The Zoning Committee receives, reviews and make recommendations concerning applications for rezoning, zoning variances, and special permits for property located in the area. They also receive and review all demolition permits for property in the Franklinton area.

Zoning cases must be received by the zoning Chair at least 14 calendar days prior to the FAC meeting. Cases received less than 14 days ahead will be heard at the next FAC meeting.

The Zoning Committee Chair shall notify or make reasonable attempts to notify all property owners within 125 feet of the property in question prior to the FAC meeting where the case will be heard. All such owners are listed on the attachment to the zoning application.

Committee Members are: Chris Knoppe, Brian Estabrook, Jason Boylan, Zach Gwin, Jackie Miles, Heidi Hughes*, Rebecca Hunley*, Irvin Johnson*, David Gonzales* and Joann Gonzales*.

The 2021 Chairperson of the Election Committee is Bruce Warner,

Planning Committee

Committee Members are: Renee McCallion and Jackie Miles.

The 2021 Chairperson of the Planning Committee is Judy Box,

Housing and Development Committee

  • Fosters relationships between public, private, and nonprofit sectors for the betterment of housing for all Franklinton residents
  • Reviews housing and development projects
  • Fields housing concerns from Franklinton residents
  • Leverages development to stabilize housing for all Franklinton residents

Committee Members are: Chris Knoppe, Josh Edwards, Judy Box, Jason Boylan, Renee McCallion, Pauline Edwards, Jackie Miles, Katie Robinson, Austin Hill, Christopher Merkel*, Michael Ross*, Eric Skidmore*, Trent Smith*, David Stickles*, Irvin Johnson*, David Gonzales* and Joann Gonzales*.

The 2021 Chairperson of the Housing Committee is Brian Estabrook,

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the FAC funding and financial management. The Committee recommends an annual budget for approval by the FAC at the January FAC meeting.

Committee Members are: Zach Gwin and Jackie Miles.

The 2021 Chairperson of the Finance Committee is Chris Knoppe,

Community Services Committee

Committee Members are: Ashley Montana*, Marty Johnson, Pauline Edwards and Grace Hand.

The 2021 Chairperson of the Community Services Committee is Josh Edwards,


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