Greater Hilltop

Map of Area Commission Boundaries

This area commission meets at Briggs Road Baptist Church, 3231 Briggs Road

Key Details

Meeting Time
7:00 pm
1st Tuesday of each month

Neighborhood Pride Center
West Side Neighborhood Pride Center
1186 West Broad Street

Neighborhood Liaison
Melissa Green, 614-328-6034

The GHAC will be holding elections on Saturday, October 2nd from 9am to 2pm (locations below). We will seek to fill 4 open spots with 7 candidates on the ballot. Please find their bios below and Facebook for their candidate videos!

  • Briggs Road Baptist Church – 3231 Briggs Rd.
  • Highland Youth Garden – 40 S Highland Ave.
  • Hilltop Library – 511 S Hague Ave.

Adhanet Kifle:

Adhanet Kifle has been a resident of Columbus for over 38 years. She is a product of Columbus City School: Highland Elementary, Hilltonia Middle School, and Briggs High School.

In 1983, Adhanet and her family fled war-torn, Eritrea, to west side of Columbus. With just the clothes on their back and with the inability to speak English, both parents worked full-time jobs, a housekeeper and a maintenance worker, to support their six children.

Adhanet was inspired by her computer science teacher while at Briggs High which led her to complete a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems.

Adhanet has served on numerous community boards to develop and implement programs and policies to improve the lives of those in need. Her records of community service include working with Short North Civic Association, Hilltop Public Library, Columbus Community Relation Commission, New American Advisory Council, COSI Community Board.

Josh Maddox:

Josh is a lifelong Hilltop resident, purchasing a home in 2016 located within a five-minute walk to either his parent’s or grandparent’s homes. Josh obtained his Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies from Bowling Green State University. He currently works in a Compliance department for a local Fortune 100. Josh is a Certified Fraud Examiner and holds a Series 6 securities license. As a member of local Troop 33, Josh reached the level of Eagle Scout in 2006.

Josh strives to bring transparency and awareness to the Commission. He wants to ensure the public is as informed as possible on what is happening in their community. As Chair of the Community Relations committee, Josh ensures the website, calendar, and social media profiles are maintained and would love the opportunity to continue serving the residents!

Pam Weaver:

Looking back over my 44 years of volunteer work, most of my training has been on Crime Prevention and Safety as President and Chairperson for many Hilltop organizations.

I still think I have more to offer, plus many senior citizens have asked me to stay on the G.H.A.C., especially people with no internet, who like to keep in touch, or need for items, they cannot do.

Rick Blackburn:

Greetings all Greater Hilltop area residents! Rick Blackburn here; I am a long time Hilltop resident and all vital information that you need to know about me can be gleaned off of my video. If you want a clear, rational, independent, common sense, forward thinking, patient, discerning, wise,bold voice representing you and your concerns to the powers that be in Columbus, Franklin County, and Ohio, then I will be honored to serve you. Make the Hilltop top notch again!

Simon Dallas:

Simon Dallas is a resident of North Hilltop. He is a graduate of the public school system and attended the Ohio State University studying Finance in the Fisher College of Business with an emphasis on Real Estate and community development. He has worked in low income housing development and financing in Columbus and Ohio. He currently works as a community organizer in Rural Ohio. He is responsible for working with local officials to ensure accessible elections and electoral education. He is focused on helping ensure that the Hilltop continues to grow into a diverse, community driven neighborhood emphasizing walkability, accessible transportation, and affordable housing to promote the well being of its citizens. In his free time, Simon enjoys volunteering to build houses for Habitat for Humanity and playing hockey.

Terry Roofe:

Hello, my name is Terry Roofe and I am running to represent you and be your voice on the Greater Hilltop Area Committee. I have lived on the hilltop since the age of four. I attended West High school and I’m a proud member of the class of 1986.

I worked for 25 years for Highlights for Children, holding various positions over the years. My last position was supervisor over one of the two distribution centers located in Hilliard,Ohio. I had at one point 20 plus employees who directly reported to me as well as managing millions of dollars of inventory both inbound and outbound as well as working with various logistics companies like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

If elected I plan to be the voice of the Hilltop and will stand up for those who feel their voices go unheard. I will listen. I will hear you and I will work hard to get the much needed changes we need on the Hilltop. I will try to stop pet projects that only help a small portion of the Hilltop and focus on projects that everyone will benefit from. If you want someone that’s not afraid to confront corruption and stand up for you, then that person is me.

Currently trash is my main concern. We can do all the beautification we want but as long as we are lost in mounds of garbage things will not change.

Again, my name is Terry Roofe and I hope you will consider voting for me to take a seat on the GHAC.

Victoria Frye:

Victoria Frye, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is 30+ year South-Central Hilltop Resident and Public Servant. She currently serves as a VP, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Well-Being, and HR for a K-12 organization. She has served on the Board of the Central Ohio American Red Cross, and Big Brothers/Sisters and is a current Board Member of Summer Jam West. Victoria is also a Certified Mediator and Civil Rights professional. She is intimately involved in research and fundraising for Cancer, Lupus and Sickle Cell. She has worked in addiction recovery centers and facilitated Well-Being initiatives in communities and organizations.

She is a certified Yoga Instructor, with a focus in trauma, resiliency, and empowerment that assists in building a sense of community through education and advocacy. Victoria’s passion has always been serving individuals and communities who are under-resourced, under-appreciated and under-utilized in the way they desire for the betterment of their family and community.

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Rachel Wenning, Chair
Elected Term Expires 2022

Shawn Maddox, Treasurer
Elected Term Expires 2022

Zerqa Abid
Appointed Term Expires 2021

Leah Brudno
Elected Term Expires 2023

Victoria Klein
Elected Term Expires 2023

Aden Mohamed
Appointed Term Expires 2023

Geoffrey Phillips
Elected Term Expires 2021

Pam Weaver
Elected Term Expires 2021

Daniel Fagan, Vice-Chair
Elected Term Expires 2022

James White, Secretary
Appointed Term Expires 2022

Patrick Barnacle
Elected Term Expires 2022 

Jennie Keplar
Elected Term Expires 2023

Josh Maddox
Elected Term Expires 2021

Josh Paxton
Elected Term Expires 2023

Scott Stockman
Elected Term Expires 2021


Community Relations

The Community Relations Committee is responsible for maintaining the GHAC web presence, ensuring document/ video archives remain organized and available, promoting the Hilltop, and ensuring residents are aware of what the Commission is working on. The Committee aims to increase resident participation in the Commission and ensure their voices are heard.

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00 P.M.

Co-Chair – Jennie Keplar
Co-Chair – Josh Maddox
Committee Members – Zerqa Abid, Leah Brudno, Victoria Klein


The Finance Committee is made up of all Committee Chairs and meets to discuss the Commission’s budget.

Meetings are held on an ad hoc basis as needed.

Chair – Shawn Maddox
Committee Members – Zerqa Abid, Leah Brudno, Daniel Fagan, Jennie Keplar, Josh Maddox, Aden Mohamed, Josh Paxton, Geoffrey Phillips, James White

Government & Legislation

The Government and Legislation Committee oversees annual GHAC elections, including setting the election date, distributing and collecting candidate packets, and ensuring that elections are run fairly and smoothly. This committee works with other Area Commission committees as needed to propose and create changes to the Area Commission bylaws.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 7:00 P.M.

Co-Chair – Leah Brudno
Co-Chair – Jennie Keplar
Committee Members – Zerqa Abid, Patrick Barnacle, Josh Maddox, James White

Human Services & Education

Description to be added…

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 P.M.

Co-Chair – Aden Mohamed
Co-Chair – James White
Committee Members – Daniel Fagan, Victoria Klein

Liquor Permit

The Liquor Permit Review Committee collects information on the permits issued, pending and with violations in the Greater Hilltop to share with residents of the Greater Hilltop and the Area Commission.  The committee helps inform residents of the permit process and the opportunities to bring concerns forward regarding issuance, transfer, and renewal of permits.  The Committee seeks input from and collaborates with residents and neighborhood groups when written concerns and in-person testimony are needed to support the denial or conditional approval of permits. 

Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. The Liquor Permit Review Committee meets at least once a month during the months of June through February or at the discretion of the Committee Chair or Area Commission Chair.  Meetings will occur at a regularly established time, date, and location.  The Committee will provide a report of its business at each subsequent meeting of the full Area Commission. 

Chair – Daniel Fagan
Committee Members – Josh Maddox, Scott Stockman, James White

Planning & Economic Development

Description to be added…

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

Chair – Geoffrey Phillips
Committee Members – Zerqa Abid, Patrick Barnacle, Leah Brudno, Daniel Fagan, Victoria Klein, Josh Paxton

Public Safety

Description to be added…

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

Chair – Zerqa Abid
Committee Members – Jennie Keplar, Victoria Klein, Josh Maddox, Aden Mohamed, Pam Weaver

Recreation & Parks

Description to be added…

Meetings are held on the…

Co-Chair – Josh Paxton
Co-Chair – James White
Committee Members – Shawn Maddox, Aden Mohamed, Geoffrey Phillips


The Zoning Committee is responsible for reviewing Zoning changes filed with the City and making a recommendation to the Full Commission. Applicants and/or a representative must attend the meetings to present an overview and any special circumstances to support their application.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

Chair – Patrick Barnacle
Committee Members – Daniel Fagan, Shawn Maddox, Josh Paxton, Geoffrey Phillips, Scott Stockman, Pam Weaver

This commission does not have districts.

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