Livingston Avenue

Map of Area Commission Boundaries

The Livingston Avenue Area Commission meets at St. John’s Learning Center, 640 S. Ohio Avenue. While COVID-19 safety restrictions are in place we are meeting virtually.

Key Details

Meeting Time
6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
3rd Tuesday of each month

Meeting Place
St. John’s Learning Center
640 S. Ohio Avenue
Virtually until further notice

The Livingston Avenue Area Commission represents Hanford Village, Driving Park, Old Oaks and Livingston Park.

Neighborhood Liaison
Jesus Ovalle

Neighborhood Pride Center
Near East Neighborhood Pride Center
1393 East Broad Street

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David Gray, President
Kurt Hummel, Vice President
Nina Craddolph, Treasurer
Jennifer Thomas, Secretary
Andrew VerHage
Danielle Dillard
Kurt Hummel
Michael Herman
Will London

Document Library

Monthly Meeting Agenda (click to expand)
Event:Livingston Avenue Area Commission (LAVA-C) General Meeting
Event address for attendees:
Date and time:Tuesday, June 15, 2021 6:30 pm
Duration:1 hour
Event number:172 832 6071
Event password:1234
Audio conference: Call-in1-855-244-8681Access code: 172 832 6071
Commission By-Laws (click to expand)


Economic Development: David Gray
Education: open
Election Committee:
Government & Legislation: Michael Herman
History & Community Relations: Andrew VerHage
Housing, Health & Human Services: open
Public Safety: open
Public Service: open
Zoning & Development: Danielle Dillard (East) and Jennifer Thomas (West)

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