Mid-East Area Commission

Map of Area Commission Boundaries


In March 2020 the City of Columbus launched a new public safety effort to not just reduce traffic fatalities but to completely eliminate them. On March 2, 2021 Mayor Ginther announced the continuation of this initiative during a press conference held at the intersection of James Road and Livingston Avenue. Mayor Ginther, Mayor Kessler (City of Bexley), city department directors, and MAC Commissioner Greg Lee (Berwick Civic Association) spoke. Please see link in comments for more information about Vision Zero.

This area commission meets at
Christ United Methodist Church
1480 Zettler Rd.

Key Details

The Mideast Area Commission or MAC is the result of its predecessor the Mideast Area Community Collaborative or MACC. The MACC was established with only 8 neighborhood civics and block watches in 2004. The vision then was for neighborhoods with similar concerns, to come together to work on solutions for the common good.

Through this process our core values were and are that:

  • Each neighborhood would continue to sit at the table. Equal representation for all!
  • Each neighborhood will make its own decisions concerning internal matters.
  • Support will be offered when requested. This could be in form of support letters, attendance at hearings and calling mass meetings to raise awareness and show strength in numbers for that particular issue or concern.

The Mideast Area Commission was sworn in by
Columbus City Council on July 29, 2019.

We thrive on our diversity. We are currently 16 neighborhoods of different income and educational levels, housing stock, racial, religious, cultural and age level differences; who come together to maintain and improve the Mideast side (which includes the eastside, southeast, northeast, and far eastside) of Columbus, Ohio.
We believe in the philosophy of the MAC, having the POWER OF MANY VOICES, which fights for the core values of our community collectively.

Meeting Time
6:30pm to 8:00pm
3rd Tuesday of each month (Except August and December)

Meeting Place
Christ United Methodist Church 1480 Zettler Rd

Neighborhood Liaison
Lynne Lacour

Neighborhood Pride Center
Far East Neighborhood Pride Ctr.
2500 Park Crescent Drive

Zoning Issue Speaker Submission Form
Click Here to submit a request to speak on a Zoning Issue at the next meeting.

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View MAC Agendas and Meeting Minutes :


Quay Barnes,
qbarnes.mac@gmail.comBerwyn East
Victor Flower,
Vice Chair
Felicia A. Saunders,

Sharon Ware,
Interim Secretary

Sharon Pantelis,
Zoning Chair

Loraine Flower,
Housing Chair

Shirley Marshall,
Housing Co-Chair

Cheryl Doty






Thunderbird Acres

Pinecrest / Sherwood


East Hampton / Main & Barnett /
Livingston Heights Place

North Eastmoor
Donna Jonesleawoodgardens.mac@gmail.comLeawood Gardens / Willis Park
Elizabeth Leach

Greg Lee

South Eastmoor

Kim Watkinskimwatkins.mac@gmail.comBeechwood
Vacantremingtonridgehoa@yahoo.comRemington Ridge
Kelly DeMiglio,
SID Rep.
eastmainsid@gmail.comMain Street Special Improvement District


Zoning Committee

The Zoning Committee shall conduct elections pursuant to the commission’s election rules and shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its duties as specified in the rules.

Committee Members are:  

  • Sharon Pantelis Chair – spantelis.mac@gmail.com,
  • Brenda Dutton – dutton.mac@gmail.com
  • Victor Flower – vflower.mac@gmail.com
  • Scott Hurlburt – leawoodgardens@yahoo.com
  • Greg Lee – berwickcommisssioner.mac@gmail.com
  • Lois Maier – lmmair@aol.com
  • Brenda Smith – brenda.smith5004@sbcgobal.net
  • Herb Talabere – eastmainsid@gmail.com
  • Felicia A. Saunders – fsaundersmac@gmail.com

Traffic & Safety Committee

Commission Districts

Recent Posts about Mid-East

No commission meeting in August. The commission will meet on August 23rd to discuss zoning issues only.


Concerned about rental housing in your area?  The condition of housing in general?  Are you concerned about possible “red lining”?  Do you want to know what the City’s “Housing for All” is proposing?  Then this is time to COME OUT and listen and ask questions. 

Councilwoman Favor has agreed to be our guest speaker at the MAC housing meeting on THIS Thursday, August 18th 2022 @ 6pm-7pm at the Barnett Library Meeting room, 3434 Barnett Rd. 
Councilwoman Favors is happy to answer any questions pertaining to Housing and council efforts, like the Housing for All education campaign and rental assistance efforts:

  • Renter’s Choice: This allows for renters to make installment plans for security deposits
  •   Source of Income Discrimination: This allows for all lawful sources of income like   child support, housing voucher, SSI disability and retirement to be considered as income in the rental process.
  •  Rental Receipt: This means you will receive evidence that you paid your rent.  

And joining her will be a representative from the Department of Development who will be able to speak about the Bond Package and CRA and the affordable housing crisis that is nationwide.  And how the city of Columbus plans to combat this by:

  •     Updating zoning codes
  •      Preserving current affordability by adding more land to the trust.
  •     To increase inclusivity in homeownership
  •     Mayor Ginther urges voters to approve $1 billion bond package; $200 million committed to housing
  •    Residential tax abatement, economic and racial disparities

Let’s show the City we care about our neighborhoods and all its residents.  Show up, Listen and Learn!

Thank you to Susan Moore (South Eastmoor) and Shirley Marshall (East Hampton) for leading this event throughout the summer! And thank all of you who participated. Your efforts show your pride and diligence in making the MAC area a clean and safe place to be proud to live! – MAC MONTHLY CLEAN-UP DAYS 2021

THE MAC declutter day 2021


I have been a member of the Mideast Area Commission (MAC) since 2012 as the Treasurer, originally called MidEast Area Community Collaborative (MACC).

I have lived in the Easthaven community for 33 years. Became the Easthaven Block Watch Chair in 2010 and later became the Easthaven Civic Association Chair in 2012. Easthaven Civic was started in 2010 by my neighbor Kevin, after the murder of my only/oldest son Anthony Ray "Fatboi" Sowers II on August 16, 2009, in Easthaven.

On the Unity House Board of Directors as the Secretary, a non-profit sober living home for man recovering from substance abuse, Executive Director Lamont Sapp, this home if located in Easthaven on Bulford Square. Former President of Think Make Live Youth; Community Advocate on non-violence; Care Ambassador for the Columbus Care Coalition; and helped organized several other non-profit organizations in the City of Columbus.

Retired from Nationwide Insurance as an Underwriter Specialist in 2007. Graduated from Mifflin High School and Fort Hayes Career Center in 1984. My daughter blessed me with five grandchildren, enjoy camping, fishing, the arts/music and blessing others.