North Central

Map of Area Commission Boundaries

This area commission meets the first Thursday of every month at 6 PM at Ohio Dominican University, Student Center (Second Floor – Griffin 258-260), 1216 Sunbury Road (West Side of Sunbury).

Key Details

Meeting Time
6:00 pm
1st Thursday of each month

Neighborhood Pride Center
Near East Neighborhood Pride Center
1393 East Broad Street

Meeting Place
Ohio Dominican University Student Center, 2nd Floor, 1216 Sunbury Rd Columbus, OH 43219

Neighborhood Liaison
Alfred Akainyah

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Document Library

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  • Vickie Cage, Argyle Park,
  • Alfonso Hooper, Brittany Hills
  • Carl Lee, At Large,
  • Reno Lemons, Mayoral Appointee & Zoning Chair,, 614-271-5884
  • Jessica Martin, Secretary, Shepard,
  • Wallace McLean, At Large,
  • Sean Ruffin, At Large,
  • Bee Tolber, At Large, Vice Chair,
  • Tiffany White, Oriole Heights, Chair,, 614-570-5369
  • Sean Ruffin, At Large,


Zoning Committee

The Zoning Committee shall conduct meetings as often as necessary to fulfill its duties as specified in the rules.

Committee Members are:  Tiffany White & Reno Lemons

The 2019-20 Chairperson of the Zoning Committee is: Reno Lemons,

Public Service

Bee Tolber,

Health and Human Services

Asmara Williams,

Public Relations


Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Committee shall conduct meetings as needed. all decisions are made with specific reference to area plan.

Committee Members are: Wallace McLean & Carl Lee

The 2019-20 Chairperson of the Planning and Development Committee is: Wallace McLean,

Recreation and Parks

Reno Lemons,

Economic Development

Jessica Martin,

Elections Committee

The Election Committee shall conduct elections pursuant to the commission’s election rules and shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its duties as specified in the rules.

2020 Chair: Alfonso Hooper

Special Committees

Airport Authority

Ohio Dominican University


This commission has 10 districts.

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