Map of Area Commission Boundaries

(Photo courtesy of Howard Community Center)

Key Details

Monthly Commission Meetings
The next in-person meeting is on Thursday, February 3, 2023 @ 6:30 pm and will continue on the 1st Thursday of each month. (Excluding August and December).

Meeting Place for Zoning and Commission meetings
Howard Recreation Center;
2505 N. Cassady Avenue;
Columbus, Ohio 43219

Neighborhood Liaison
De Lena P. Scales
Office: 614-645-0699
Cell: 614-537-6590

Monthly Zoning Meetings
The next in-person meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 21, 2023 @ 6:30 pm. We will continue on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. (Excluding August and December).

Monthly Mobile Community Committee Meetings
The next in-person meeting scheduled for Thursday, January 26, 2023 @ 6:30 pm -Northern Lights Library-Rms. 2 & 3 (Excluding August and December).

Neighborhood Pride Center
Clarence Lumpkin Point of Pride Building
1410 Cleveland Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43211


Document Library

Northeast Area Commission Election News

During our recent Commissioner Candidate Application period to fill our 4 open Commissioner seats (Willow Springs, Somerset, Bridgeview and At-Large), we received 2 applications in total for the Bridgview and At-Large Commissioner seats with no competing applications for either seat. Based on this, we are suspending our election process for 2022.


  • Karen Rogers, Commission Chair ( / 614-581-2013
  • Chanel McDougle-Yakubu, Commission Secretary ( / 614-966-3651
  • Sandra Chapple, Treasurer, At Large Commissioner and Election Committee Chair (
  • Karen Brown (
  • Elenora Moore, Zoning Chair ( / 614-519-2195
  • Brad Davis, Zoning Committee member (
  • Kawther H. Musa, Election’s Vice Chair (
  • Antwan Horston (
  • Dr. Dimaris Medina-Cortes, Zoning Secretary, Zoning Committee member and Mobile Residence Committee Chair ( / 614-686-6873
  • Nicole Horston (


Building & Zoning

Elenora Moore, Chair
Dr. DiMaris Cortes, Zoning Secretary, Critty Buenconsejo,
Brad Davis, Commissioner

The Zoning Committee shall receive, review, and make recommendations concerning applications for rezoning, zoning variances, demolition and special permits related to properties located in the Northeast Area.

Media &
Communication Technology

Elenora Moore, Asst. Admin.
Chanel McDougle-Yakubu, Commission Secretary

The Media Committee shall provide continual maintenance of the Commission Website and Facebook page ensuring that they are accurate and up to date with current information and changes.

Mobile Home Community

Dr. DiMaris Medina-Cortes, Chair Sonya Cruz

The Mobile Home Residence Committee advocates for the residents of the Northeast Area Mobile Home communities.


Sandra Chapple, Chair,
Kawther H. Musa, Vice Chair, Chanel McDougle-Yakubu, Commission Secretary

The Election Committee shall conduct elections annually pursuant to the Commission’s election rules and shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its duties as specified in the rules.

Diversity and Language Interpretation

Kawther H. Musa
Dr. Dimaris Medina Cortes, Commissioner

The Diversity and language Committee will serve to create an environment of inclusiveness with the community of the Northeast area. Provide resources to groups within the community who may struggle with language barriers. Provide Interpretative services for the Somali and Hispanic community as needed.

Northeast Area Commission Districts

  • Walnut Creek -Chanel McDougle-Yakubu
  • Somerset – Vacant
  • Framingham – Kawther H. Musa
  • Willow SpringsVacant
  • Bridgeview -Brad Davis
  • Cumberland Ridge -Karen Rogers
  • Brunswick Estates -Karen Brown
  • Arlington Park I -Elenora Moore
  • Arlington Park II -Antwan Horston

Recent Posts about Northeast Area

New American Initiative
(Photo courtesy of the Department Of Neighborhoods)

Kawther Musa (front row, 2nd from the right) is not just a member of the The New American Initiative and the NALA (New American Leadership Academy) but she is also a member of the Northeast Area Commission. She serves as our Commissioner for the Northeast Area-Framingham District. For more information follow the link: New American Leadership Academy (

“Thank you” from the Northeast Area Commission