Map of Area Commission Boundaries

This area commission meets at
Whetstone Library, 3909 N. High St.

Key Details

Meeting Time

7:00 pm to 9:00pm
1st Thursday of each month

Neighborhood Pride Center
248 East 11th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201

Meeting Place
Whetstone Library
3909 N. High Street
Columbus, OH

Neighborhood Liaison

Katherine “Swid” Swidarski


Elections for the position of CAC Commissioner for Districts 3, 6, and 8 are being cancelled. Each of the districts has one applicant for the position of Commissioner and all of the applicants were certified as qualified. No additional candidates have applied to be a write-in candidate in any of the open districts. Under the CAC rules, if there is only one candidate, that candidate will be declared the winner. 

The future Commissioners are:

Donna Leigh-Osbourne – District 3
Mark Moritz – District 6
Joshua Hively – District 8

The candidates will take office at the beginning of 2023.

**City staff will utilize the time reserved on August 27th for elections to instead share information with the community on the CAC and its committees. This will be promoted in the coming weeks. 

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Election Committee

The Election Committee shall conduct the CAC elections pursuant to the CAC election rules and shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its duties as specified in the CAC election rules.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Election Committee is: Ann Henkener,

Committee Members are:  


Committee Descriptions

Election Committee

The Election Committee shall conduct the CAC elections pursuant to the CAC election rules and shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its duties as specified in the CAC election rules.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Election Committee is: Ann Henkener,

Committee Members are:

Jan Patton, Melissa Doll, Tom Rippey

Planning and Development

The committee will explore what Federal, State, and local funds may be available to implement plans in the Clintonville area. The committee will provide arenas for interested parties and the general population to participate and discuss all such issues affecting Clintonville. The committee will work pro-actively with other community based organizations to forward the development and promotion of Clintonville in a manner consistent with the Commission’s mission statement.

The chair of the 2020-21 Planning and Development Committee is: Andrew Overbeck, 

Committee Members are:

Jim Dziatkowicz, Kari Engen, Will Koehler, Megan Valentine, JD Pisula, Andrew Miller, Matt Brown, Joe Ryan, Libby Wetherholt, Michael Curtis.

Zoning and Variance

The committee shall regularly receive, review and make recommendations on all applications for rezoning, variances, graphics and other zoning adjustment appeals and special permits located wholly or partially in the Clintonville area.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Zoning and Variance Committee is: Stephen Hardwick:

Committee members are: Judy Minister, Michael McLaughlin, Michael Young, Diane Hayford, Kelly Thiel, Sharon Groves, Michael Haugh, Andrew Miller

Historic Buildings

The committee will pursue a process to catalogue buildings in Clintonville, with an emphasis on all buildings along High Street and Indianola Avenue. The purpose of having an up-to‐date database for historic buildings in the CAC districts is to provide a basic understanding of which properties are deemed architecturally or historically significant.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Historic Buildings Committee is: Jim Garrison,

Technology and Public Relations

CAC will maintain and update a website to aid in communicating with the community at large.

CAC will hold domain names as the responsible entity. Depending on what is required, the commission chair and treasurer shall act as agents for the commission to hold the domain names. When officers change the agents must be changed within 30 days of the verification of the election of CAC officers.

CAC will form a technology committee that includes the chair and treasurer and at least one other person. The committee will:

Formulate and present to the entire commission for approval rules for use and content of the website and other commission platforms;

Oversee the maintenance, updating and payment for website hosting, domain names and any other needs for a workable public website and other official public communications platforms.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the Technology and Public Relations Committee is: Ty Hulbert,

Committee Members are: Brittany Boulton and Brian Peifer

Clintonville GreenSpot

The mission of the Clintonville GreenSpot Neighborhood Committee, as part of the Clintonville Area Commission, will encourage green practices and sustainability in the community of Clintonville. This effort is open to all community residents, businesses and organizations.

The 2020-21 Chairperson of the GreenSpot Committee is: Co-Chairs Ryan Foshee & Zach MacGuire

Committee Members are: Susann Möeller, Agi Risko, Susan Gaunce, Julie Smiley, Ryan Foshee, Libby Wetherholt, BJ White, Suzanne Watkins-Martinez, Rita Haider, Hugh Crowell, Annaliese Kern, and Judy Robinson

  1. The Chair shall be appointed by the area commission. The chair may be a commissioner or may be an interested resident.  The chair will facilitate the activities of all of the priority areas toward achieving a Green Spot Neighborhood designation by 2021/22.
  2. It is envisioned that the committee as a whole will meet quarterly.
  3. The committee will be responsible for approving activities and proposals that the priority areas engage in with the community and for reporting on a quarterly basis to the area commission.
  4. The priority area activity coordinators are responsible for the completion of their particular activities. They are encouraged to form committees and draft more community members to help with the activities.  Members of those committees may join throughout the year.
  5. The Social Media facilitator and chair will track progress of the Clintonville GreenSpot Neighborhood Committee and will communicate that progress with the GreenSpot coordinator as well as with the Technology and Community Relations Committee of the CAC. (At the present time, GreenSpot Columbus is using the ARTHA Tracking System.)  The Social Media facilitator will be included as a member of the Clintonville Area Commission Technology and Community Relations Committee.

This commission has 9 districts.

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