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Map of Area Commission boundaries

This area commission meets in the Event Room at the Auto Boutique, 1800 Georgesville Square Drive.

Key Details

The Westland Area Commission was established by the City of Columbus, in 1991 to engage volunteer citizen participation in decision making in an advisory capacity and facilitate communications, understanding and cooperation between Columbus neighborhood groups, city officials and developers.

Meeting Time
7 p.m.
3rd Wednesday of each month

Meeting Place
Auto Boutique Event Room
1800 Georgesville Square Drive
Columbus, OH 43228


  • North: Conrail Railroad
  • East: Centerline of I-270 & Big Run South Rd.
  • South: Centerline of Grove City Rd.
  • West: Hellbranch Creek

Neighborhood Liaison
Olabisi Eddy

Neighborhood Pride Center
West Side Neighborhood Pride Center
1186 West Broad Street

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Current Bylaws (click to unroll)


  • Janet Cahill
  • Jaclyn Carr
  • Jon Dailey
  • Matthew DeCastro
  • David Henderson
  • Ashley Hoye Sr.
  • Karen Lewis
  • Mike McKay, Zoning Chair, mike.mckay1@yahoo.com, 614-745-5452
  • Pol Panos
  • Jeff Tanner
  • Scott Taylor, Chair, scotttaylor.wac@gmail.com, 614-596-7599
  • Dave Van Order


By-Laws Committee

The purpose of the By-Laws Committee is to review and recommend any amendments to the By-Laws. The committee meets on an as-needed basis. The chair is Scott Taylor. Members include Mike McKay, Jeff Tanner, and Dave Van Order.

Community Relations Committee

The purpose of the Community Relations Committee is to act on behalf of the commission to forge partnerships with other community-based organizations, promote the activities of the commission to the wider Westland community, and cooperate with all segments of the Westland area including residents, organizations, associations, businesses, and institution. The committee also recommends community-wide events such as parades or special events to aid in the development of community identity. The Community Relations Committee chair is Ashley Hoye. Members include Karen Lewis.

Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Committee is to work with the South-Western City School District, Columbus Public School District, and any other training facility to ensure high quality educational opportunities for all residents. The committee also reviews existing area employment and educational opportunities for residents of the area and recommends guidelines for comprehensive short- and long-term planning for the same. The chair of the Education Committee is Matt DeCastro.

Nominating Committee

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to keep a list of potential candidates to recommend to the commission in case a vacancy occurs. Members include Karen Lewis and Jeff Tanner. The chair rotates depending on who is up for election.

Planning & Development Committee

The purpose of the Planning & Development Committee is to review the existing area plan and recommend guidelines for the comprehensive short- and long-range planning for the Westland area, including traffic, economic and physical aspects; monitor federal state, and local funding programs that affect the Westland area; and develop means for citizen participation in planning. The chair is Jeff Tanner.

Public Health & Safety Committee

The purpose of the Public Health & Safety Committee is to monitor and review the adequacy and appropriateness of services provided by the City of Columbus and other public agencies in the Westland area, including but not limited to health, housing, natural resources, recreation, safety, and sanitation. The committee also makes recommendations for improvements in existing services. The committee chair is Jaclyn Carr.

Recreation and Parks Committee

The purpose of the Recreation & Parks Committee is to ensure the provision of adequate recreation and open space for residents of the Westland area. The Recreation & Parks Committee also makes recommendations for improvements in existing facilities and parks, as well as for the addition of new facilities and parks. The committee also helps preserve the historic character and structures or monuments in the Westland area.

The chair of the Recreation & Parks Committee is Janet Cahill and Jon Dailey. Members include Scott Taylor, Dave Van Order, Karen Lewis, and Dave Henderson. We are looking for representatives from communities across the Westland area to help us work with the city on creating more parks and recreation facilities for families served by our commission. If you are interested in getting involved, please attend one of our upcoming meetings.

The Recreation & Parks Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Event Room at Auto Boutique, 1800 Georgesville Square Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43228.

Zoning Committee

The purpose of the zoning committee is to receive, review and make recommendations concerning applications for rezoning, zoning variances, and special permits for property located within the Westland Area Commission boundaries. The Zoning Committee also receives and reviews all demolition permits for the property area. Zoning cases must be received at least 21 calendar days prior to the Commission meeting to be considered in a given month. Cases received less than 21 calendar days ahead will be heard at the next Commission meeting.

The chair of the Zoning Committee is: Mike McKay, who can be reached at mike.mckay1@yahoo.com, 614-745-5452. Members include Janet Cahill, Karen Lewis, Jeff Tanner, and Dave Van Order. The committee meets at 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month, unless there is a regular meeting of the full commission that week. If that happens, the Zoning Committee meets at 6 p.m. just before the full Westland Area Commission meeting. The meeting location is the Event Room at Auto Boutique, 1800 Georgesville Square Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43228. The committee does not meet each month – only when there is zoning application up for consideration.

This commission does not have districts.

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