North Linden

Map of Area Commission Boundaries

This area commission meets at the Linden Community Center, 1350 Briarwood Avenue


The North Linden Area Commission is seeking candidates to fill vacant seats and expiring terms. Candidates can complete the NLAC election petition packet available below then return it to Chair Perkins at before August 15th. Although the petition has space for 80 signatures only 25 valid signatures are required.

On Saturday, August 27, 2022 the North Linden Area Commission will host elections at Linden Recreation Center located at 1350 Briarwood Avenue 43211 from 10am -2pm. The application is located below in a folder. The application must be submitted to the Chair by August 15, 2022.

Public Notice: July Meeting location and time change

Key Details: The Thursday, July 21, 2022 Full Area Commission Meeting will take place at The Department of Neighborhoods located at 1410 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43211. The meeting will begin at 6pm. Free parking is available in the rear of the building. The Department of Neighborhood is the 1st door to your left.

Regular Meeting Dates: 1/20/22,2/17/22,3/17/22,4/21/22,5/19/22,6/16/22,
Time: 6:30 pm
3rd Thursday of each month, except August
. Only Special Meetings are held in the month of August.

Location: Linden Community Center
1350 Briarwood Ave, Columbus, OH 43211

Committee Meetings: Contact the Committee Chairs for meeting information details.

NLAC Terms:

Chair Carol Perkins-Resident; term expires 12-31-2023

Vice Chair Oluwafunminiyi Daniel Ajayi- Non-resident; term expires 12-31-2022

Treasurer Jasmine Ayres-Non-resident; term expires 12-31-2024

Secretary Karen Clark-Resident; term expires 12-31-2023

Andrea Russell- Resident; term expires 12-31-2022

City of Columbus-Department of Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Pride Center
Clarence Lumpkin Point of Pride 1410 Cleveland Avenue

De Lena Scales, Liaison

Office: (614) 645-1993

Cell: (614) 537-6590

In accordance with the City of Columbus Citywide election pilot, we will host our annual elections on Saturday, August 27, 2022

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Mayor Ginther with SMART Columbus


  • Carol Perkins, Chair;
  • Oluwafunminiyi Daniel Ajayi, Vice Chair;
  • Jasmine Ayers, Treasurer/Zoning Chair;
  • Karen Clark, Secretary;
  • Andrea Russell, Commissioner;


Zoning Committee

Jasmine Ayres, Chair

Health and Safety Committee

Oluwafunminiyi Daniel Ajayi, Chair

Meetings suspended by Chair Russell.

Education Subcommittee and Job Creation and Workforce Development Committee

Andrea Russell, Chair

Community Engagement Committee

Karen Clark, Chair

Transportation Committee

Carol Perkins, Chair

This commission does not have districts

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Mayor Ginther