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Regular Meeting Dates & Time:
Time: 6:30 pm
3rd Thursday of each month, except August
. Only Special Meetings are held in the month of August.

NLAC Zoning Committee Meeting: Thursday, April 13, 2023; 6:30pm – Thursday, May 11, 2023; 6:30pm

Location: Linden Recreation Center 1350 Briarwood Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43211
*wearing of face masks, optional

Location: Linden Community Center
1350 Briarwood Ave, Columbus, OH 43211

NLAC Terms:

Chair: Carol Perkins, Resident (term expires 12-31-2024)

Vice Chair: Oluwafunminiyi Daniel Ajayi, Non-resident (term expires 12-31-2025)

Treasurer: Jasmine Ayres, Non-resident (term expires 12-31-2024)

Secretary: Karen Clark, Resident (term expires 12-31-2023)

Zoning Chair: Michelle Dranichak, Resident (term expires 12-31-2024)

Amber Broadus, Resident (term expires 12-31-2025)

Ebony Fadis, Non-resident (term expires 12-31-2025)

Maryan Abbi-Dualle, Business Owner (term expires 12-31-2026)

Zoning Co-Chair: Ben Keith – Resident (term expires 12-31-2024)

City of Columbus-Department of Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Pride Center
Clarence Lumpkin Point of Pride 1410 Cleveland Avenue

De Lena Scales, Liaison

Office: (614) 645-1993

Cell: (614) 537-6590

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  • Carol Perkins, Chair;
  • Oluwafunminiyi Daniel Ajayi, Vice Chair;
  • Jasmine Ayers, Treasurer;
  • Karen Clark, Secretary;
  • Michelle Dranichak,
  • Ebony Fadis,
  • Maryan Abbi Dualle,
  • Amber Broadus,
  • Dr. Katherine Swidarski


Zoning Committee

Chair Michelle Dranichak

(614) 614-209-9923

Co-Chair; Benjamin Keith;

Transportation Committee

Carol Perkins

Education Subcommittee and Job Creation and Workforce Development Committee

Health and Safety Committee

Oluwafunminiyi Daniel Ajayi

Community Engagement Committee

Ebony Fadis

This commission does not have districts

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  • Mulby Place Leasing Event

    Mulby Place Leasing Event

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