West Scioto

Map of Area Commission Boundaries

WSAC is meeting virtually, please email westsciotoarea@gmail.com for meeting information

Key Details

Meeting Time
7:00 pm
3rd Thursday of each month

Neighborhood Pride Center
248 East 11th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201

Meeting Place
Meetings are being held virtually, please email westsciotoarea@gmail.com for meeting information.

Neighborhood Liaison
Rebecca Deeds

Access By-laws and Meeting Minutes

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  • Kristen McKinley, Chair, mckinleywsac@gmail.com
  • Rita Cabral, Treasurer
  • Brian Endicott, Zoning Chair, zoningchair.wsac@gmail.com
  • Leyila Cabus
  • Jo Leppert
  • Eric Russell
  • Jeremy Thomas
  • Larry Weber


Zoning Committee

The Zoning Committee meets to review zoning and graphics applications. The Zoning Committee then makes a recommendation to the Commission.

The 2019-20 Chairperson of the Zoning Committee is: Brian Endicott, zoningchair.wsac@gmail.com

Election and Appointment Board

The Election and Appointment Board shall conduct elections pursuant to the commission’s election rules and shall meet as often as necessary to fulfill its duties as specified in the rules.

The 2019-20 Chairperson of the Election and Appointment Board is: Eric Russell, bdchair.wsac@gmail.com

This commission does not have districts.

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